Taffy Was Born

a film by David Giardina

About The Film

TaFfY WaS Born

Verid Steele, a troubled man returning to his small hometown after many unhappy years away hoping to reclaim his life. Settling into his old room in the Victorian family manor, Verid is confident that he is finally free of his long years of darkness and despair. But something is very wrong. Why is everyone around him increasingly uncomfortable with him? Is it his jail time, his history of mental illness…or is it something far worse? And just who is “Taffy”…

TaFfY WaS Born  is an award winning independent feature film that has garnered critical praise and was chosen as one of the best independent films of 2005.  Not simply a psychological thriller, the film is actually an examination (indictment?) of oppressive political/religious doctrines that continue to plague our societies.





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