Taffy Was Born

a film by David Giardina

Writer/Director David Giardina

David began acting at age 12 with various theater companies around Connecticut including Oddfellows Playhouse (where he studied acting, script writing and directing and more), Theatre First, Company 1 in Hartford, and the Alliance Theater Group in New Haven. At 14 David was one of the first 100 teenagers from around the country to participate in Center For Creative Youth, a residential arts program based on Wesleyan University Campus. It was there that he first began making his first short experimental films.

David received a full acting scholarship from Hofstra University and graduated there with a BA in theater. He wrote and produced several original stage plays during this time. He then moved to New York City and began acting professionally in film, television and stage productions including "As The World Turns", "NY's Most Wanted" (he played the criminal of the week!), after school specials for ABC and CBS, including Linda Lavin's directorial debut "Flour Babies", as well as comic roles on the USA Network, appearing opposite Gilbert Gotfried.

Since the 1990’s David has been living in Manhattan and dedicating himself to independent feature production. He was the Assistant Director on the feature MESSENGER by award-winning Director Norman Loftis. In 1995 he directed, co-wrote and edited the horror homage to the classic monster films HOUSE OF MONSTERS. The feature garnered praise from executives at Universal Studios and Sarah Karloff (yes, Boris' Daughter)!

David is currently working on a new feature suspense thriller about an exasperating 10 year old boy and those who must contend with him.  He is constantly in trouble at school.  He just is not interested in what he is being taught.  He tells his classmates that school is a joke.  He asks awkward questions in class. His teachers think he may have a serious brain problem.  His parents want him cured – but Will in his own world and there seems to be no getting through to him.

Things soon take another turn when Will discovers an unlikely ally in cousin Willo who disappeared mysteriously long before Will was born.  Will wants answers about the world and he also wants to make changes in the poisoned world around him.  Could cousin Willo somehow provide these answers wherever he is?  Will flees from his safe “normal” suburban town on a quest that turns out to be more hazardous than he bargained for.

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